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Sumter Local Government Consulting is committed to providing customized, local government consulting services. We are proud to offer flexible local government consulting services to meet the needs of your community. We customize our strategy to support you in any phase of your growth. From financial services to leadership development, our teams work with you to create a customized solution.

Your Trusted Partner

We know that no two local governments are the same and that’s why we offer tailored consulting services that combine a broad range of expertise. Sumter Local Government Consulting has hands-on experience in local government, business, finance, and much more. We are uniquely positioned to serve as your partner.

Experience Counts

You can choose from a variety of local government consulting services and programs that can be modified and tailored just for you.

  • Financial Services:
    Long-range financial planning, development financing options, revenue optimization, and recovery services, annual budget assistance, interim staffing, recruitment, special projects, and so much more
  • Leadership Development:
    Mentoring programs, succession planning development, personnel investigations, culture climate checks, evaluation and termination assistance, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion services, interim human resources services, executive search & recruitment, and special projects
  • Fractional Consulting:
    Fractional services for city management, finance, communications, public safety, purchasing, legal services, community development, economic development, and public works. Fractional Consulting is an innovative and cost-efficient way to add highly experienced experts for a “fraction” of the cost in a part-time capacity.
  • Real Estate, Development, and Land Planning:
    Municipal real estate master planning, economic development planning and analysis, development analysis, annexation planning, downtown development services, private developer liaison services, and parking studies
  • Shared Services:
    Sumter Local Government Consulting is a proponent of well-run local government. Experience has taught us that there are always new ways to work old problems. We are able to facilitate shared services to create economic and operational efficiencies with neighboring cities. Shared services examples include:

    • Multi-city 911 centers
    • Automatic and Mutual Aid agreements
    • Multi-city SWAT teams
    • Multi-city municipal court systems
    • Equipment sharing
    • Facility sharing
    • Expertise sharing

Sumter Local Government Consulting can be your trusted advisor for complex and day-to-day problem-solving. Let us customize a solution to meet your needs and your budget.

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