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Sumter Local Government Consulting provides executive search services for local government and nonprofit clients. Executive search is a valuable service for large, medium, and small local governments. Clients benefit from not only the expertise of a seasoned professional assisting them with this important task, but executive search frees up internal staff time for other projects and priorities. Candidates prefer working with an outside local government consultant when applying for a position. Cities benefit from a professionally run process and leveraging the networks of the recruiter. An executive search consultant can help with productive interviews, negotiating offers, and providing public confidence in the recruitment process.

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Executive Search Expertise You Need

With decades of experience and executive recruitment expertise, we know the nuances of working in the public sector. We understand how to navigate the governmental environment, and our knowledge of how to conduct interviews and negotiate offers is unmatched.

Credibility matters
We are a trusted local government executive search consultant with an impeccable reputation for delivering successful searches and maintaining client confidentiality. We specialize in providing exceptional client service throughout the entire process.

Our Value Proposition

  • Warren Hutmacher has been a candidate, a client of executive search firms, and an executive recruiter. He has taken on searches for every type of position over his 20+ year career.
  • We intimately understand the needs of local governments, have an extensive network to draw out candidates, and can work independently to maximize your internal staff’s productivity
  • We understand local politics and the complexities of a City or County Manager search process. We understand how to balance transparency and the confidentiality needs of your best candidates.
  • We offer a customized approach for each client. We focus our efforts on each search individually and won’t take on two of the same type of searches concurrently.
  • We offer a one-year guarantee for candidates we recruit
  • We are a full-service local government management consulting firm and can flex to meet your needs in areas outside of executive search
  • We employ a unique process that focuses on recruiting, comprehensive interviews, and informative background checks
  • We are cost-effective. With limited overhead, we can offer a competitive price, a customized solution, and personal service.
  • We care deeply about building long-term relationships and the satisfaction of our clients

To learn more about our Executive Search services, please request a Proposal, and we will be in touch with you.

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